We are proud to offer an end-to-end rice supply chain. All of our rice is USA grown and packaged. Each grain is traced and monitored for sustainability. Our grading standards ensure the highest quality. We support our farmers in their communities as they grow rice to support the growing demand for USA rice in domestic and export markets.

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White Rice
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Brown Rice
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Jasmine Rice

Our Brands

We feed America while supporting farmers in our community by partnering with retailers through our private label and national name brands.

Private Label
Sustainably grown for retail partners
private label
Good for you. Good for the earth.
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Honestly Texas
From our Farmers to your Family
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Our innovative approach to managing our transparency in our supply chain is pioneering. We believe in the power of data and the sharing of information. Each bag of product is traced back to the origin, where it was grown and processed. Each bag of rice comes with a sustainable or economic scorecard that shows water savings, CO2 emissions and land use savings derived from our farmer’s practices. We offer this platform to all of our private label and branded Clients to share with their consumers.

scan bag and trace origin


“Good For you and Good for the Earth”. We certify our products sustainable to ensure health for our consumers and land for generations to come. Our technology monitors farming inputs, water usage, CO2 and Green House Gas emissions while measuring land use at a field-by-field level.

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Economic Impact

When we partner with farmers, we make a positive impact on their livelihoods and their communities. When farmers reach certain benchmarks for sustainability, we offer premiums for their hard work and exceptional practices. This ensure their farms and lands are rice growing for generations to come.

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Rice farming in the United States is limited to only a few states. Each region has its own unique water and land demands. We support generations of farmers throughout these regions in finding sustainable practices to better their livelihoods and their lands.



Our mills are developed in partnership with farmer communities. From the time rice is seeded to when it is harvested and leaves the field, we track and trace each lot. This rice then makes it’s way into our certified processing facilities. Our facilities in Louisiana and Texas allow us to put additional dollars back into our farmer communities. We also add new jobs in processing and technology. Our farmers then grow the rice that is traced up to the retail shelf where consumers can scan and see who grew that rice and where it was processed.



We offer pillow pack and pre-made pouch options in various sizes.



We organize and integrate with the supply chain, ensuring we trace each grain of rice from seed to retail shelf. We coordinate the logistics offerings available by region from rice mills to upstream processors as needed.

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Consumers Paying for Sustainable

“Agreeta has revolutionized the way we operate on a national scale”
Agreeta's technology helped us achieve our goals faster than we had imagined!
Working with Agreeta was a breeze as they helped us understand the technology and align with our objectives!
We love the program, looking forward to next season!