Build your commodity program in a safe and sustainable way

Smart, transparent and sustainable products and supply chains.

From private label to brands, we develop strong and dependable, end-to-end supply chains. Backed by dependable, secure technology, we are committed to a traceable and sustainable future of commodities.

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What We Value

We value our growers by partnering with them and providing a platform for tracing the commodities from planting though harvesting. Verifying they are supplying a certified safe and sustainable product to the consumer. We value our consumers by providing them a safe, sustainable, and fully transparent product, tracing the products from farm to fork.


We are committed to safe food supply chains! Our commodities are third party audited and certified. We ensure that our commodities meet the strict regulatory compliance demands of today’s fast paced demands. We take the burden off of our private label and brand clients by developing the supply chains they need and exceed those standards.


We trace all of our commodities from each farmer’s field through storage, to the factory and back into the retail supply chain. Scan a QR code on any of our packages and find out where the product came from, who the grower(s) are and more!


We are committed to providing products that are “Better for you, Better for the environment”. We stand behind our commitment with technology that tracks inputs at the farm level, production and logistics activities and more. Scan a QR code on our packages and see our sustainability scorecards for our products. We share the information because it matters to our clients and consumers.


We are proud to offer an end-to-end rice supply chain. All of our rice is USA grown and packaged. Each grain is traced and monitored for sustainability. Our grading standards ensure the highest quality. We support our farmers in their communities as they grow rice to support the growing demand for USA rice in domestic and export markets.

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We proudly offer fully Sustainable and Traceable, USA Grown cotton to industry, retailers and private brands. Our cotton is third party certified Sustainable. Our farmers, processors and agronomists are committed to a sustainable future in agriculture. Each acre is measured, monitored and evaluated for certification. Brands and Buyers always get the value of the product they pay for.

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Disrupted supply chains have become unsafe, risky and complex. Our established supply chains deliver consistent, safe, transparent and sustainable commodities.

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“Agreeta has revolutionized the way we operate on a national scale”
Agreeta's technology helped us achieve our goals faster than we had imagined!
Working with Agreeta was a breeze as they helped us understand the technology and align with our objectives!
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